We welcome help and support on a range of additional deserving projects. We have provided some examples of these from the regional Grand Priories and Commanderies.

Commandery of Cyprus – ‘Hogar Nino Dias’ Home of Mercy, BethlehemPalestine

Providing help for the children of the ‘Hogar Nino Dias’ Home of Mercy, Bethlehem in their daily lives and needs. This Home is in Palestine and is for those children who have been abandoned, have handicaps and special needs. Overseen by Senior Priest, Fr. Carlos Ferrero who is based in Bethlehem and in Paphos.

Commandery of Cyprus – Byzantine Church of Christ Antiphonitis, Northern Cyprus

We seek to find help and support to restore the beautiful ancient frescoes in the isolated and wonderful Church of Christ Antiphonitis, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This historic Church, once the centre of a Byzantine monastery, is situated in a remarkable location overlooking the sea, on the edge of a mountain forest and 8 Kms from village of Ensentepe. The church was built in the 7th century AD and was dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Grand Priory of Canada – 999th Legion for the Protection of Children and Their Rights.

The 999th Legion for Child Rights is dedicated to the protection of children and their rights. It is a LEGION of  MANY, made up of men and women who have one common goal – to protect children from abuse and bullying, and to ensure that they have a happy and healthy environment in which to live.

Keven Ellis, Grand Prior of Canada and a founder of the 999th Legion for Child Rights, is leading a push to resurrect the volunteer-based crime and safety prevention program that served the community very well in the 1970’s.

A Block Parent of the Program is an approved volunteer, who places a sign on their home to mark it as a safe space for kids and teens who need help.

Keven has created a Facebook page with over 300 members so far, in an effort to help the Program gain increasing support. His actions follow a very sad and avoidable incident where a young teenager was stabbed to death, dying in his mother’s arms. Keven has assisted the grieving family as an advisor and occasional spokesperson for them.

Grand Priory of Lebanon – Funding Education for Young Children from Deprived Families

The Grand Priory of Lebanon arrange fund-raising events to pay the school fees and other educational costs of six children from deprived families.

The children are in KG1, KG2 and Nursery classes, between the ages of four and six years old.

Grand Priory of Belgium – Provide Support and Funds to Sant’Egidio, Choosing Different Humanitarian Goals Each Year

Sant’Egidio is an International Humanitarian Society with over 60,000 members. They want to make a difference by befriending and supporting the poorest within each members’ cities. On a global scale, Sant’Egidio is committed to dialogue between religions and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. Sant’Egidio has its centre in Antwerp in the Low Countries.

Sant’Egidio is also known under the name KAMIANO. ‘Kamiano’ restaurant in Sant’Egidio is open every morning for acute care and guidance, breakfast and lunch, administrative help , primary medical care, shower facilities and clothing, etc. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, those living on the street can enjoy a free hot meal.  During the evenings volunteers take to the streets and help with the ‘Kamiano mobile’, taking help and support to those in need directly.

Kamiano provides a thousand meals every week.  ‘Kamiano’ restaurants have more recently been opened up in Brussels and Liège.