Our Aims

Non nobis Domine, non nobis; sed Nomini Tuo da gloriam,”

The Crucifixion by Dreux Budé Master, possibly André d’Ypres before 1450 AD

“Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us; but unto Thy Name be given all honor and glory.”

The core aims of the Order are to:

  • Practice works of mercy, charity and benevolence.
  • Perpetuate the traditions of the Knights Templar by defending Christendom through non-violent means.
  • Live a life of Chivalry and hold each other accountable to a lifestyle of excellence.
  • Promote historical studies, heraldry, and the genealogy of the Order.
  • Promote, through the values ​​of friendship, loyalty and respect, feelings of universal brotherhood and ideals of solidarity between all people.
  • Preserve and defend the religious heritage of Jerusalem.

We are also actively engaged in developing relationships with other like-minded and purposeful organisations and Orders – to combine focus, resource and direction for those most in need.

We place emphasis on Christian and Muslim families in the Holy Land who have been displaced from their countries, or who by remaining suffer through being disadvantaged and persecuted.

We also seek, wherever possible, to help with the restoration of religious art works (frescoes, icons, mosaics) within ‘run down’ or abandoned churches of historical note or beauty.

Twin Churches of the Knights Templar & Hospitaller, Famagusta Cyprus
Chiesa di San Jacapo Al Tempio, San Gimignano, Italy
Chapel of the Templars, Laon, France