Welcome to OSMTJ Europe!

We welcome you to the European and Near Middle East International website of ‘Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple du Jérusalem’ (OSMTJ).  In English ‘The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem’, or perhaps better known as the ‘Knights Templar’. Originally a Christian order of Monks founded in 1118 A.D. by French Knight, Hugues de Payens.  We continue to grow across the Region and have Grand Priories and Commanderies in 25 European and Near Middle Eastern countries. This site also includes contact details and country locations for our 10 Grand Priories in the Americas.

Complimentary duties – Knights Templar & Knights of St John Hospitaller. Temple Grafton Church, Warwickshire, England

We wish to share our ethos, activities and aspirations with you and make you aware of our Grand Priories throughout Europe and Near Middle East.

We seek to encourage additional volunteer support and membership to give direct help to those already in need and those who are becoming in need, as a result of the world’s increasingly challenged outlook.

We are an ecumenical, chivalric Christian Order dedicated to providing practical help and broader support resources to people of all faiths, who through little or no fault of their own are disadvantaged and in need. We are not a political organisation and are not affiliated with the Masons.

From our heritage we retain an emphasis on the Holy Land and its peoples’ difficulties, however, for many centuries we have additionally helped those in need throughout all countries where we have a presence. We also place emphasis on the study of this heritage, Christianity and the appreciation of historical art and artefacts.

Our Members are from the Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Maronite, Protestant Churches and volunteer supporters from the Islamic faith as well as non-practicing Christians.

As a chivalric Christian Order, we are very fortunate to have many people of goodwill who work quietly and tirelessly, with humility, strong will and when required with remarkable self-sacrifice.  We aim to help in areas where perhaps others may turn away, approaching these tasks with integrity, compassion and offering both practical and spiritual support where needed.

We aspire to build on our heritage, on the good works of our people and our recognition as a growing international Christian and humanitarian body.

Our Priories will be delighted to receive questions from you on OSMTJ or regarding interest in membership.